Luxman L-590Ax

L 590AX meter web
L 590AX front“It was as if the L-590AX could render also the cigarette smoke, heavy curtains and a worn out carpet, fingers dancing on the strings and the ice, slowly melting in the last glass of whiskey…”
“I auditioned many amplifiers that declared the truth and very often I got sick of the truth after a while. I auditioned amplifiers that were neutral but their neutrality was uninspiring and uninvolving. I also auditioned amplifiers that were so kind to sound to the extent that anything that passed through them was altered to euphonic infidelity. The L-590AX is truthful enough not to miss the tiniest detail, timbral accuracy, harmonic richness, powerful dynamics and transient speed. At the same time it is sophisticated enough to enchant you and invite you to share the deepest spirit of the music. With the L-590AX you would rather move your dining table to your listening room than miss a single second of the performance.”
“The L-590AX did the magic and completely erased the loudspeakers from my listening room so that with my eyes closed I was not able to identify their positions. Instead, I could identify the musicians within the three-dimensional soundstage and that was why (with the lights still dimmed) the listening turned out to be a be-there experience.”
“I am pleased to grant the L-590AX our 100% Reference certificate that is only reserved for the best.”
Source: Audiodrom

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