New Stereophile iPad App Puts Recommended Components At Your Fingertips

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stereophile iconAbout eighteen months ago we took out a subscription to Stereophile on the iPad. It is much easier to carry multiple magazines on the iPad while traveling. Also easier to access specific articles and the hyper-links will take you directly to the related websites.

We are so excited for the new app Stereophile recently rolled out for the iPad.  It puts succinct information at music lovers’ and audiophiles’ fingertips.  With one click, you can find all the recommended components in different categories. Two thumbs up from us!  Give it a try by going to view the reviews of our electronics in the many categories, including turntables, tone arms, cartridges, disc players, integrated amplifiers, pre amplifiers, power amplifiers and loudspeakers.

Turntables, Tonearms & Cartridges:

Brinkmann 9.6 tonearm Brinkmann 9.6 Tonearm





Brinkmann 10.5  Brinkman 10.5 Tonearm




Brinkmann Audio Bardo

Brinkmann Bardo




Brinkmann balance finalBrinkmann Balance



Brinkmann Pi Phono cartridge Brinkmann Pi Phono Cartridge





Tri Planar Tonearm

Tri-Planar Tonearm





Discplayers & Pre-amps:

Luxman D 05Luxman D-05



Luxman C 600fLuxman C-600f



Integrated Amps:

L505u Luxman L-505u




Luxman SQ 38u

Luxman SQ-38u





Vivid B1 front up small Vivid Audio B1







Vivid G1 GiyaVivid Audio G1 Giya






Vivid V1.5 Sahara                      Vivid Audio V-1.5








Power Amps:

Luxman B 1000F Luxman B-1000F





Luxman M 800ALuxman M-800A




You can review more categories and recommendations for other component manufacturers here.

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