Tri-Planar Unveils U 12 Tonearm and Announces New Exclusive U.S. Distributor

Tri Planar Unveils U12 Tonearm

Minnesota • January 8, 2013 •Tri-Planar, award-winning manufacturer of analog tonearms, debuts their U12 tonearm at this year’s CES in Las Vegas and announces On A Higher Note, LLC as its exclusive U.S. Distributor. Based on over forty years of tonearm development. The Tri-Planar U12 tonearm offers improved resolution, detail, dynamic range and provides a 27% angular error reduction over similar 9″ tonearms.

MSRP: $9,790 • Available: February 2013


– 12″ (308.8mm) effective length
– Carbon fiber wand with coaxial damping
– Structural components are hand-polished and rounded to control resonance
– Tonearm rest integrated with damping trough to reduce resonance
– Avionic bearings
– Pure silver internal tonearm wiring • Clamping yoke design that firmly couples the arm-  tube to the bearing tube
– Bearings repositioned to sit at record height
– Progressive anti-skating design
– Sophisticated system of decoupled counter-weights, allowing proper stylus force for any cartridge without altering effective mass
– Available in black or silver

The Critics Speak!

“There is a unique kind of atmosphere to the Tri-Planar’s sound, an engrossing view of the music that nudges performers closer to a lifelike physical presence…. The Tri-Planar is a musical extrovert, not for what it demands from you while you listen, but rather for what it does — its wholly natural way of unifying the entirety of the performance.” – Marc Mickelson, Soundstage

“This superb tonearm is easily the best I’ve ever used, and among the very best available. Its Mk.VII incarnation is a polished refinement of a design that was brilliant to begin with, and one that’s simple, logical, and on display for anyone to see. In the Tri-Planar Precision Tonearm, form truly follows function. It looks exactly like what it does, and what it does it does very, very well. Wrap it up—I’ll take this one with me.” – Brian Damkroger, Stereophile

“We are very pleased to announce On A Higher Note as the new exclusive distributor of our products across the United States,” says Tri Mai, Tri-Planar’s President and Designer. “Philip O’Hanlon, OAHN’s president, is passionate about music and in delivering exact recreation of live music performances without interfering with music enjoyment with a track record of launching and growing other renowned manufacturers in our industry. This partnership allows Tri-Planar to focus on the product development while OAHN expands our distribution reach in the marketplace, touching more music lovers and Stereophiles with higher degree of excellence.”

“We have always admired Tri-Planar’s products in how exquisitely their form follows function. We are honored to be chosen to help Tri-Planar in its next phase of growth. It will be a labor of love to help Tri get his products into more homes, increasing the musical enjoyment of more people with the help of our network of respected dealers and audio consultants,” says Philip O’Hanlon, President of On A Higher Note.

About Tri-Planar:

Award-winning, non-compromising build quality allowing users to make all critical adjustments with distinct independence, ease, and precision.  Of special note is the degree of precise adjustability is the alignment of the stylus to the record in all three planes of rotation:  horizontal tracking angle (HTA), vertical tracking angle (VTA), and azimuth.  Meticulous attention to build quality is a large part of the engineering equation: the finest avionic bearings, proper tracking geometry, nearly frictionless bearings, minimal inertia about the pivot, damping and proper tuning of structural resonances, and, of course, stability & rigidity.

About On A Higher Note, LLC:

On A Higher Note, LLC is a premier distributor of high-end audio components in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Founded in 2001, OAHN set out to distribute products from manufacturers of synergistic high-end audio components across the globe to high-end audio dealers within the United States and Canada. We have a track record of rolling out distribution for quality brands and quickly establishing their unique presence with a premier dealer base and music lovers throughout North America.

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