Wired Magazine says Eclipse TD-M1 is “one of the best sounding small speaker systems heard this year”

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141220 Wired magazine TD-M1 review

Wired Magazine said it was “One of the best-sounding small speaker systems we’ve heard this year…”

“Work best as PC speakers on a desk, or as main speakers in a small listening room.”

“The sound? Lively and sparkling. Place the speakers about ten feet apart, plant yourself in the sweet spot, and they will reproduce live and studio recordings with impressive accuracy… acoustic guitar music, vocal jazz, jumps to life.”

“Bass frequencies are meaty and don’t sound the slightest bit artificial.”

What kind of music do you like?  What settings are you in when listening to music?  These speakers are so versatile that a high percentage of TD-M1 owners purchases a second one for themselves in another listening environment or gift that to their loved ones.

Contact us to speak to an audio consultant to see if a TD-M1 is in your future!

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