Eclipse TD508Mk3 case study by Wes Marshall (SoundStage!) dispels myths about single-driver speakers! Must read!

Eclipse TD508Mk3 speakers reviewed by Wes Marshall of SoundStage

Wes Marshall had a curious idea to try Eclipse’s TD508Mk3 single-driver speakers as desktop speakers. What resulted is an intelligent read of a “what it is” and “what it isn’t” discussion, dispelling myths of single-driver loudspeakers and astutely pointing out who amongst audiophiles and music lovers these special speakers are best suited for:

  • If you want an immense and deep soundstage
  • If you want to only hear the music and all the nuances of beloved old tracks while having your loudspeakers “disappear”
  • If you deploy these speakers in a nearfield environment, e.g. where you are in front of a computer
  • If you are one of those bass hounds, Wes recommended a subwoofer to handle “those pesky bass notes” to get around the “inevitable law of physics”.

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