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Hi-Fi+ review calls Vivid Giya G4 loudspeaker “very best” space-conscious loudspeaker choice

Hi-Fi+ review of Vivid Audio Giya G4 loudspeaker

Jason Kennedy reviewed the smallest of the Vivid Giya series, the G4 in the November issue of Hi-Fi+. “Essentially Vivid has its own take on almost every aspect of loudspeaker design and technology; this makes construction expensive but results in loudspeakers that consistently have lower perceived distortion than most of the competition… It’s easy to […]

Hi-Fi News reviews Merging+NADAC—”does it offer something special?”

Hi-Fi News Merging+NADAC review November 2016

Andrew Everard reviewed the Merging+NADAC in the November 2016 issue of Hi-Fi News. He addresses whether the Merging+NADAC really brings anything special to the table, besides sheer number of connectivity choices. “…using this unusual DAC with my usual ‘computer audio’ rig was no trickier than with any conventional USB-connected digital audio device. However, what does […]

HiFi News declares Artesania Prestige “the best equipment support bar none”

Artesania Prestige rack review by HiFi News Paul Miller

This review by Paul Miller in HiFi News is a great introduction to Artesania Audio’s Prestige equipment rack. So far, we’ve focused mostly on their Exoteryc rack, but the Prestige rack should not be overlooked. (If you’re curious about the difference between the two racks, check out this FAQ). “The Artesania rack system succeeds in […]

Enjoythemusic.com, Tom Lyle reviews “first-class” Luxman C-700u and D-06u

enjoythemusic.com review of luxman c-900u and d-06u

Tom Lyle wrote an excellent review on enjoythemusic.com on the Luxman C-700u Control Amplifier and the Luxman D-06u CD / SACD Player with USB Input. “The sonic prowess of the Luxman C-700u was evident from the first day I had it my system…when judged against others in its price range potential owners of a C-700u […]

Enjoy the music.com calls Eclipse TD-M1 a “wonderful piece of high fidelity gear”

Enjoy the Music reviewed the Eclipse TD-M1 wireless desktop speaker system last month. “Good sound quality doesn’t call attention to itself. It simply is. The Eclipse TD-M1 wireless speaker system simply blended in to my desktop environment. It didn’t distract or call attention to itself. Classical music rolled from the speakers with a tonality that […]

John Marks reviews Luxman M-200 Stereo Power Amp

Luxman M-200 review by John Marks

John Marks reviewed the Luxman M-200 Stereo Power Amplifier on his new blog, The Tannhäuser Gate. “In use, the M-200 exhibits all the hallmarks of a high-quality low-power…solid-state amplifier: vanishing low noise, no audible distortion, a sweetness to the sound (but not a euphonically distorted report of the music), and a surprising amount of drive […]

Hi-Fi+, Alan Sircom explains importance of equipment racks in Artesania Audio review

Hi-Fi+ review of Artesania Audio equipment racks

This Hi-Fi+ review of Artesania Audio’s equipment racks by Alan Sircom is a couple years old, but is an excellent introduction to using equipment racks to upgrade the sound of even the best systems. Sircom writes about how using the Artesania racks improved the sound: “Music sounded bigger, better recorded, you could hear more into […]

SoundStage! Ultra, Tom Mathew proclaim Luxman EQ-500 “grail-level component”

Luxman EQ-500 review by SoundStage! Ultra

In a rave review of the Luxman EQ-500 phono stage in SoundStage! Ultra, review Tom Mathew writes: “In a previous review, I urged readers to search for audio components that would stand the test of time. Such components should be relentlessly musical, gorgeous to look at, easy to use, reliable, and provide state-of-the-art sound quality […]