SoundStage! Ultra, Tom Mathew proclaim Luxman EQ-500 “grail-level component”

Luxman EQ-500 review by SoundStage! Ultra

In a rave review of the Luxman EQ-500 phono stage in SoundStage! Ultra, review Tom Mathew writes:

“In a previous review, I urged readers to search for audio components that would stand the test of time. Such components should be relentlessly musical, gorgeous to look at, easy to use, reliable, and provide state-of-the-art sound quality that’s unlikely to be significantly bettered for years. The Luxman checks all of those boxes. A veritable Swiss Army Knife of analog reproduction, it fleshed out the special character of each of my treasured cartridges with ease and finesse. It’s a grail-level component.”

soundstage reviewers choiceThe EQ-500 also was awarded a Reviewers’ Choice Award.

Read the full review, including Tom Mathew’s 10 favorite things about the Luxman EQ-500 at SoundStage! Ultra.

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