Hi-Fi+, Alan Sircom explains importance of equipment racks in Artesania Audio review

Hi-Fi+ review of Artesania Audio equipment racks

This Hi-Fi+ review of Artesania Audio’s equipment racks by Alan Sircom is a couple years old, but is an excellent introduction to using equipment racks to upgrade the sound of even the best systems.

Sircom writes about how using the Artesania racks improved the sound: “Music sounded bigger, better recorded, you could hear more into the recording and the frequency extremes were as effortless and natural as the mid-band.”

“The Artesania…strives to limit the sound of the table, instead relying on the sound of the components in the system to deliver the sonic goods. And that can make good things sound truly remarkable. When the best of the best sits on the Artesania, they raise their game.”

Read the full review here, including Alan Sircom’s guide to what you should spend on equipment racks for your system.

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