Aurender and Melco on Merging Technologies’ Ravenna platform | combined with NADAC or NADAC PLAYER forms multi-channel digital solution from recording studios to home

Merging Aurender Melco
Merging Aurender Melco
Aurender and Melco on Ravenna Platform + Merging Player form recording studio quality multi-channel full digital solution


Merging Technologies’ Ravenna Ethernet Audio platform is being adopted by other devices.  Of note is the latest news where Aurender and Melco both incorporated the Ravenna protocol into their server units and Merging Technologies showed the Aurender and Melco music servers running Ravenna at the Munich High End Show earlier this May.

These music servers can now input & output stereo or multi-channel high rez audio across their Ethernet connection as well as access music from a centrally located Network Addressed Storage device (NAS) –  a group of hard drives configured together with a certain % of redundancy.

The Merging + NADAC offers existing Aurender & Melco owners a welcome upgrade path. Dramatic improvement in sound quality, resolution and soundstage specificity.  Drivers for OSX and Windows are both available to ensure that RAVENNA can be used with any computer platform distinctly capable of DSD multichannel playback.

Merging+NADAC at CES 2016
Merging+NADAC   Photo credit: Jon Iverson, Stereophile

Additional advantages in combining a Melco or Aurender server with MERGING+PLAYER are as follows:

  1. Allows users (even former SACD enthusiasts) ability to access their multi-channel files via their high quality music server with the best music player available with NADAC from a tablet and connect directly to their amplifier or listen on headphones.
  2. USB output platform can only accommodate as long as a 13′ cable while Ethernet cables can be as long as 1,000′ without intruding noise.
  3. Ethernet connections are bi-directional with 128 channels allowing for hi res 64 channels each way.

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