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Merging Technologies NADAC+Player PL8 raving review by Kal Rubinson at Stereophile!

The NADAC+ Player PL8 brought the platform to an MQA compatible streaming environment. Mr. Rubinson commended Merging Technologies’ efforts to have “successfully added full-feature music-player software to its well-received DAC… (I refer you to my March 2016 review of the NADAC Multichannel-8 MC8  to see why the latter is still listed in Class A of […]

Aurender and Melco on Merging Technologies’ Ravenna platform | combined with NADAC or NADAC PLAYER forms multi-channel digital solution from recording studios to home

  Merging Technologies’ Ravenna Ethernet Audio platform is being adopted by other devices.  Of note is the latest news where Aurender and Melco both incorporated the Ravenna protocol into their server units and Merging Technologies showed the Aurender and Melco music servers running Ravenna at the Munich High End Show earlier this May. These music servers […]

Merging 2-Channel NADAC catches the “attention” of Part-Time Audiophile’s Rafe Arnott

Merging NADAC ST2

Merging Technology’s multi-channel NADAC has been causing a bit of a stir, and seemed to be a favorite of many at RMAF this year. And now the Merging 2-channel NADAC is getting some well-deserved praise from Rafe Arnott of Part-Time Audiophile. He wrote the article published earlier today on their website: “RMAF 2015: Merging Technologies […]

Merging MC-8 NADAC “Professional audio gear into … consumer high-end listening rooms, with all the benefits thereof.” – David Robinson, PFO

Inaugural review of Merging Technologies’ NADAC MC-8 Network Attached Digital to Analog Converter was just published by David Robinson, editor of Positive Feedback online. “A remarkable technical achievement, it excels in so many ways, and brings enough unique innovations with it, that it stands out from the highly populated field of DSD DACs in my experience.” […]

Press Release – Merging Technologies’ NADAC distribution for North America

Los Angeles, CA.  August 21, 2015 – On a Higher Note, LLC has been appointed as the exclusive distributor of USA and Canada for Merging Technologies’ new NADAC products. This agreement covers the consumer market and the high-end audio industry, tapping On a Higher Note’s ever-growing elite network of high fidelity retailers and custom installers. After extensive […]