Artesania Isolation Bases 3-Part Review from


A testimony to true function an form, Artesania releases its updated Isolation Bases offerings, often referred to as “the best performance per dollar” by anyone that has first hand experience with these gems.

“The Isolation Discs far exceeded my expectations. They are beautiful to look at and greatly enhance the sound without introducing any downsides.” – See Part 1 of the review here.

“The Artesania Isolation Bases are very nicely finished and incredibly solid… universally applicable… the user is given the option to use the 3 disc materials to tune precisely as preferred, with the possibility to change this later on after component changes.” – See Part 2 of the review here.

“Go ahead: call me an Artesania Fanboy… They just make outstanding racks and accessories. Considering their high-grade finish, their very positive influence on the sound and also taking their pricing into consideration, they are virtually a must for owners of Artesania racks. They enable further meaningful means of tweaking with clearly distinguishable results while still allowing a “roll-back” if and when component changes or a change in perspective dictate this.” – See Part 3 of the review here.

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