Eclipse TD712zMK2 made “The Best 30 HiFi Speakers of What Hi-Fi’s Lifetime” & TD508MKIII just got great praise!



“Timing was brilliant, as were dynamics, and they sounded more coherent than just about anything else at the time – regardless of price… They weren’t as adept with the frequency extremes because of that single driver, but we could forgive their limitations. It was a different approach to speaker design that yielded a wildly entertaining sound.” – Kob Monney, What Hi-Fi?

TD712zMK2’s kid sibling TD-508MKIII’s received great feedback from an owner of the equipment at its anniversary:

“… They still sound good.  I had my son-in-law, a distinguished blues instrumentalist, listen. He was noncommittal when I played a few tracks of his latest CD. Probably the least expensive playback system he’d ever used to listen critically to himself… Then I tried a bit of Brahms chamber music, and he was hooked. Listened then to some old Busch QT and Huberman transfers. He asked to hear the Shostakovich vln concerto #1 (Zimmermann)…  Overall, a strong if indirect testimonial… I listened with my youngest daughter to some of the Arcade Fire *The Suburbs” LP that she’d given me. Her response: on her boyfriend’s system it sounded ‘loud’; on mine it sounded ‘right’…  These speakers aren’t for everyone. But they’re great for music. For me, the crucial test: I can listen for hours, daily, and they don’t begin to sound dessicated. Not sure that’s an official listening test, but you probably know what I mean.” – Lewis (Terry) Dibble, PhD

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