6moons.com called Mojo S and Diablo 120 combo “Gryphon lite only visually”

6moons review of mojo s and diablo 120 1
6moons review of mojo s and diablo 120 1
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Srajan Ebaen at 6moons called this Gryphon entry level combo, the Diablo 120 integrated amplifier with the Gryphon floor standing loudspeaker system, the Mojo S, “a prearranged marriage”.  Here’s his some of his conclusions:

“Mojo S didn’t have to shout to make itself felt.”

“Now the music becomes emotionally accessible and invested.”

“… if you’ve had enough short-lived hifi marriages, perhaps it’s time to give a properly prearranged one a try.”

“…If you had overlooked the Gryphon brand assuming it was all about very big very heavy stuff (much of it is), you might want to look again at today’s 3-piece system of super integrated and über monitors. It’s Gryphon lite only visually…”


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