Graham Audio Chartwell LS6 review

graham ls6 7

graham ls6 7

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“It would be easy to see the LS6 as an LS3/5A on steroids, negating the need for external bass reinforcement from a subwoofer. Graham offers dedicated stereo subs for those who simply cannot do without. I haven’t heard that setup but the LS6 running solo is a more elegant solution – fewer boxes, fewer wires, better aesthetics.” – Darko Audio

Interesting comparison with the Harbeth Compact 7 Mk II. BTW as the reviewer bought the Graham LS6 review samples:  “Having just switched back to the LS6 standmounts after running the Harbeth C7/2s for a couple of days, the differences remain considerable. Thinwall sound advocates can have their cake and eat it, the LS6s ceding none of the benefits whilst also sounding faster, dynamic, and more controlled. Their appeal will be much wider than that though, particularly given that they cover many music genres with aplomb.” – Darko Audio


You can read the full review here.

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