Luxman Amplifiers Class A Power Clarified: M-600A vs M-700u & M-800A vs M-900u

M-900u meters

Luxman’s emphasis is on reproducing natural music, with lots of warmth, detail. Luxman’s engineers are fanatical in their attention to detail; while they spend a lot of time analyzing how components perform on their test equipment, the final arbiter is the listening evaluations. Is the product able to play music, convey the emotion, reproduce the ambiance of the venue as well as the timber of each instrument, distinctly? This is where Luxman shines.

In pairing up with loudspeakers, and for some of us who want Class A power, we were often asked the question about how much true Class A power is in any Class A amplifier.

Although not widely known, Luxman’s M-800A’s have more Class A power than the M-900u’s, 60 watts in class A and then 150 watts Class AB whereas the M-900u has 13 watts Class A and then 150 watts Class AB.  Maybe that is the reason we feel that the 800’s are warmer sounding, more musical in our opinion whereas the 900’s are more resolute and resolving.

Same goes with the Luxman M-600A vs M-700u, the M-600A is 30 watts in Class A then 100  in Class AB whereas the M-700u is 8 watts in Class A then 120 in Class AB.


One thought on “Luxman Amplifiers Class A Power Clarified: M-600A vs M-700u & M-800A vs M-900u

  1. siu long sang eric says:

    So for the luxman M 800 , how do I know whether the amp is working at class A instead working in class AB ?
    Do I buy a speaker limited at 80w input or use a power consumption meter and meausre how many power the amp is drawing ?

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