N. America Gryphon Announcement re Diablo 120 Integrated Amplifier – Now at US$9,990!

gryphon diablo 120 internal

gryphon diablo 120

Gryphon is a luxury brand known for its superb level of fit and finish, exceptional audio finesse and a sense of unlimited power all on a single chassis.  The Diablo 120 inherits the dual-mono circuitry and ultra-short signal path,employed in their flagship models.  Winner of POTY from Soundstage Network 2018 among other awards, the Diablo 120, priced initially at $11,200 now repriced to $9,990 by its N. American distributor is primed to bring the legendary Gryphon performance and styling to a new level of affordability.  This integrated is a huge contender even at the old price level to earn a place on the rack of serious music lovers in North America.  At below $10k mark, it’s a screaming invitation for a listen.  Call your nearest dealer for an audition or reach us with any questions.  >>> see more about Diablo 120 Integrated Amp here >>>


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