HiFi Advice Review: Graham Audio LS5/9, LS5/9f, and LS5/8

Graham Audio HifiAdvice 112319
Graham Audio HifiAdvice 112319
pc HiFi Advice


“The Graham Audio loudspeakers all have an absolutely fabulous midrange. Vocals sound incredibly natural and highly convincing and there is a superbly lyrical and immediately emotionally involving quality to their presentation that makes it easy to get lost in the music. It’s not only that the mid-band is superbly liquid, but it is also highly faithful to the source, much more so than most other cabinet speakers. They’re not the tightest or most articulate speakers around but they have deep and luscious bass and a unique, one of a kind, delivery that has to be heard.”

Christiaan Punter, HiFi Advice, November 23, 2019

Download PDF of the 3 part review <<HERE>>

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