Bergmann Audio Announces Modi, New Entry Level Airbearing Turntable System, and Names On A Higher Note its N. American Exclusive Distributor

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Bergmann Modi Announcement

Bergmann Audio is a Danish airbearing turntable and linear tracking tonearm manufacturer that bears the Founder, Johnnie Bergmann Rasmussen’s namesake.  The new Modi turntable uses trickle down technology from Bergmann’s Galder, its reference air bearing turntable system, to present a more affordable entry-level air bearing solution, offering flexibility and ease to users to be able to switch between linear tracking and radial tonearms.  Whether it is the well-thought-out minimalistic look, the neat and elegant Bauhaus lines, or Bergmann’s ingenious implementation of the most advanced air bearing technology that quietly and steadily feeds air with an oil-free and condensation free air pump to decouple their linear tracking tonearm from the turntable and the platter surface it sits on, Bergmann Audio’s technology and design continues to speak millions of their Danish DNA.

“Music is the most sublime expression of the arts.  In our opinion, the vinyl record is the closest possible medium to connect us to music’s original passion and emotion.  The ethos of any technology in serving music is in its ability to present music as close to the original source as possible.  Bergmann’s air bearing technology minimizes friction with self-effacing sound, allowing detail, dynamics, ambiance, imaging and accurate timbre to be reproduced without vagueness or smearing,” Philip O’Hanlon elates.  “We have long been ardent admirers of Bergmann’s turntables and are excited about Bergmann’s expanded lineup.  Modi (Son of Thor) accepts Bergmann’s Magne ST and Odin air bearing linear tracking tonearms.  For North America, we initially selected Origin Live radial tonearms to outfit for our customers.  This turntable, however, accepts most 9” to 12” tonearms.”

Bergmann graphic goldJohnnie Bergmann Rasmussen added, “The perfect starting point of music to achieve the highest analog sound performance and emotional connection is without mechanical friction and spared from mechanical noise.  We have devoted over a decade in developing our advanced air bearing technology to enable the purest delivery of music expression around the world.  We are delighted to have our products be included as one of the choice product offerings distributed by On A Higher Note.”


  • Galder Airbearing Turntable with Vacuum Hold Down (starts US$26,800)
  • Magne Airbearing Turntable (starts US$13,900)
  • Modi Airbearing Turntable (starts US$8,990 with small pump, $11,500 with large pump)
  • Odin linear tracking airbearing tonearm (starts US$8,900)
  • Magne ST linear tracking airbearing tonearm (starts $5,990)
  • Odin & Magne ST linear tracking airbearing tonearm systems with Air Supply (starts $13,400 & $12,900 respectively)

For more information on the new Modi, visit our product page here.  Download a copy of this press release here.

About Bergmann Audio

Johnnie Bergmann looking left
Johnnie Bergmann Rasmussen

Bergmann Audio is a Danish turntable and tonearm manufacturer based in Hobro, Denmark with products designed, developed, produced, and assembled inhouse by its founder and Chief Design Engineer, Johnnie Bergmann Rasmussen. A mechanical engineer by training, a music lover at heart and a high-end sound reproduction connoisseur,  Johnnie Bergmann Rasmussen took a distinct interest in perfecting air bearing techniques as the optimal way to build the perfect turntables and  tonearms.   By  eliminating the  mechanical noise and improving user experience, Bergmann offers listeners the perfect starting point to get the best performance from their records. | Media Contact: Johnnie Bergmann Rasmussen | Email:  Facebook: | Instagram:


Go here to download a copy of this press release.

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