Midrange Magic Music Seminar at Montreal Audiofest March 25 – 27 | with specially curated tunes for Montreal friends

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ROOM 1229 Salon Audio Montreal Audiofest | Montreal, Canada

Friday, March 25 – 27, 2022

Midrange Magic Music Seminar

Presenter:  Philip O’Hanlon to spin a specially curated playlist for our Montreal show-goers.   He was so excited to be there to meet old friends and greet new ones.  Love Montreal hospitality!

Showcasing: Graham Audio LS8/1, Bergmann Audio Modi Air bearing turntable System with Moonriver 404 Reference Integrated amp with optional DAC and phonostage, Artesania shelf-less audio rack system with accessories, Cardas Audio cables accessories

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I change out 50% of the music for every show.  That keeps me fresh & happy to share music with the music lovers.

For Montreal, I brought a wonderful selection of French pop music, thinking that this would go over really well. Hmm, overtime, I ventured into a French compilation, the room was virtually cleared.  I will try again when we launch the LS5/5F in Montreal next.

Polo & Pan, Christine & the Queens, L’Imperatrice, La Femme, Vendredi Sur Mer…. Great music, worth exploring.  See more below.

I did play Charlotte Cardin which went over well, but did not play Dominique Fils-Aimé, as I thought her fabulous music would be played by every other room with a turntable. Am bringing  her “Three Little Words” to AXPONA

Press coverage:

stereophileMontreal Audio Fest 2022, by Robert Schryer: …I felt a wall of tears—black or not—well up in the back of my eyeballs, and this is no metaphor. It was a beautiful, tender moment, but also disconcerting: People were sitting right next to me… Touching? You don’t know the half of it. Midrange magic is real…  Read more here


NOVO PressMontreal Audio Fest 2022, by Suave Kajko: … delivered a performance that was several notches up on the sonic ladder… offered a luscious midrange, with palpable vocals and instruments …  this system sang a very rich and energetic rendition of the track…  the bass played fantastically deep, offered very good articulation, and simply made me want to get up and dance…  lifelike vocals, offering all the nuances I would expect from his voice, and fantastic soundstaging.    Read more here.


Equipment List and Pricing

Artesania Audio “Exoteryc” three-level rack  $7,300

KRION turntable platform $4,850

30mm Decoupling Discs $75 each

Bergmann Audio “Modi” air bearing turntable & “Modi” Air-bearing, linear tracking tonearm $17,000

Hana ML cartridge $1,200

Graham Audio – LS8/1 speakers $9,700 Inc. stands. (Spikes resting on Artesania 30mm Decoupling Discs @ $75 each.)

MoonRiver 404 Reference, integrated amplifier $4,995 and optional internal phono MM/MC phono-stage $550.

Cardas Audio “Clear” cables, interconnects & power cords


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