Palladino, Notes with Attachments, music notes from Philip O’Hanlon

Westside Story 2021 Notes with Attachments

Palladino is a London-based session musician who has spent forty years of touring and/or recording with high-end rock, funk and jazz artists, including The Who, Keith Richards, Erykah Badu, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck,  Elton John, John Mayer and Herbie Hancock.

Notes with Attachments is a voyage of discovery that keeps on giving with repeated listening. This is largely because the mix is not aiming for high fidelity but rather to create a feel and a sonic world that is truly original. This makes the music very hard to categorize as on the one hand there are plenty of brass instruments and many of the tracks are far from conventional so it could be jazz, but on the other, it can be almost ambient in places with harmonized saxes alongside cinematic strings. While not ‘free’ in the jazz sense neither is it constricted by conventional time signatures.  The sheer amount going on in tracks like ‘Ekuté’ means that the tempo shifts while the ‘song’ progresses but yet remains cogent while not challenging the music.

Side 1 #3. ( Ekute) Here is a sonic feast to put your system through its paces.

Conclusion:  This is another must-have album, and is truly amazing sounding on vinyl.


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