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HD Vinyl – a space to watch for all music lovers!

Since the Long Playing vinyl 10 & 12” records were first introduced in 1948, there really has not been any major significant improvements to the format. Sorry, Quadraphonic never took off. I have an amazing  10” record of Duke Ellington’s Liberian Suite that was recorded direct to lacquer in 1948, this was one of the […]

Vinyl to Tape, notes from an analogue warrior

The performance of Master ¼” 2 track tape playback at 15 IPS is in a word, “wonderful” by my standard!  Sadly enough, the repertoire is a little lacking so I was toying with the idea of curating playlists from my diverse vinyl collection, recording them to tape to expand the music that I could offer […]

Female and audio – nature or nurture? (Part 2 of 2)

If you missed it, start with Part 1 of 2 here >>> If it’s all about music, then why do we love music in varying degrees? believe the seed for the “love of music” was sown in each of us. As a mother of two, I dived deep into child brain development research among other […]

Female and audio – nature or nurture? (Part 1 of 2)

Original version published Feb 20, 2015 | Revised after stumbling onto Positive Feedback’s Carol Clark’s recent post, “My Journey into Audio” |  Reposting from Positive Feedback in “My Journey into Audio – Pandora Pang”) It looked like Carol recently had a similar experience as I did in 2015 that “left [her] stewing.” We have been […]

Fuse a piece of history into your journey – Gryphon Audio Designs, the legendary company and the legend who founded it

Music relaxes, emotes, and engulfs. It refuels and anchors. In celebrating the power of music, with the mission to “make neutral products … products [the Founder] wish[es] to own …”, and to deliver designs that enable “every section within the circuitry … for its optimal purpose”, Gryphon Audio Designs and its Founder, Mr. Flemming Erik […]

Artesania Audio “Finish” with strength at Munich High End!

After last year’s new products introduction, Artesania Audio showed up this year at Munich High End with a proud collection of display in 11 rooms flaunting their continuous worldwide support in the industry among high end audio manufacturers.  We can’t help but notice that this Spanish manufacturer spent the last year on R&D to expand […]

Set up day at AXPONA with Gryphon Audio Designs

Behind the scenes on set up day, we find Gryphon Audio’s and On A Higher Note’s men in black hard at work.  Just the task of dismantling the massive crates to have the Trident II loudspeakers stand up on its feet took hours. The team took turn posing in front of the elevators with the […]

N. America Gryphon Announcement re Diablo 120 Integrated Amplifier – Now at US$9,990!

Gryphon is a luxury brand known for its superb level of fit and finish, exceptional audio finesse and a sense of unlimited power all on a single chassis.  The Diablo 120 inherits the dual-mono circuitry and ultra-short signal path,employed in their flagship models.  Winner of POTY from Soundstage Network 2018 among other awards, the Diablo […]

Important note about speaker cable, interconnects, and power cords for systems that have an analogue amplifier in the chain such as Gryphon’s

Gryphon’s basic philosophy is one of sonic neutrality and Gryphon amplifiers are very special as they are equipped with an enormous bandwidth.  As Gryphon prefers to leave interpretation to the musicians and singers, it is Gryphon’s belief that we don’t need a cable with a particular “sound” of its own to balance or to “equalize” your […]

Gryphon Zena Preamplifier now at dealers’ site – visit a showroom for more information

Zena preamp arrived at dealers’ site mid January. Below are some system photos and some videos posted by dealers. Dealers have their own experience and plenty of anecdotes to share as to how Zena sounds in their respective systems and at their clients’ systems during in-home auditions. Reach out to the dealer nearest you to […]