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Enjoythemusic.com, Tom Lyle reviews “first-class” Luxman C-700u and D-06u

enjoythemusic.com review of luxman c-900u and d-06u

Tom Lyle wrote an excellent review on enjoythemusic.com on the Luxman C-700u Control Amplifier and the Luxman D-06u CD / SACD Player with USB Input. “The sonic prowess of the Luxman C-700u was evident from the first day I had it my system…when judged against others in its price range potential owners of a C-700u […]

Are you still spinning CD/SACD and frustrated that your music player choices are limited?

No doubt computer audio is on the rise and the glut of components to address this trend is abundant. Every week we hear from audiophiles that are currently playing discs instead of files and they are quite frustrated with the choices in the marketplace of CD/SACD players. If you are one of them, don’t feel […]