Enjoythemusic.com, Tom Lyle reviews “first-class” Luxman C-700u and D-06u

enjoythemusic.com review of luxman c-900u and d-06u

Tom Lyle wrote an excellent review on enjoythemusic.com on the Luxman C-700u Control Amplifier and the Luxman D-06u CD / SACD Player with USB Input.

“The sonic prowess of the Luxman C-700u was evident from the first day I had it my system…when judged against others in its price range potential owners of a C-700u control amplifier can rest easy, because as far as I’m concerned it has little competition at its price, and quite beyond its price.”

Luxman C-700u Control Amp

“Spoiler alert: if one decides to purchase a Luxman D-06u, it will likely take up residence in your system for quite some time. In the long run, limiting oneself to only one type of digital input might end up being foolish.”


Read the full review here.

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