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Fuse a piece of history into your journey – Gryphon Audio Designs, the legendary company and the legend who founded it

Music relaxes, emotes, and engulfs. It refuels and anchors. In celebrating the power of music, with the mission to “make neutral products … products [the Founder] wish[es] to own …”, and to deliver designs that enable “every section within the circuitry … for its optimal purpose”, Gryphon Audio Designs and its Founder, Mr. Flemming Erik […]

“Mythical Sound from the Winged Lion”, Positive Feedback’s Greg Petan on his audition experience with Gryphon Audio

Positive Feedback’s Greg Petan have many experiences with different Gryphon units through our New York dealer, Joseph Cali Designs during the last year.  His recount of the audition sessions are summarized in this writing at Positive Feedback.  He sampled the Antileon EVO, the Sonett, the Diablos and more.  See what this famed artist/audiphile has to […]

2 months, 6 cities, Gryphon Zena Launch Recap – last dealer seminar this Saturday in Chicago. Zena at local dealers in 2 weeks

Just got on my way to Chicago to unveil Zena to music lovers in the greater Chicago area.  This is the last of a 6-city-launch since we received the Zena distributor unit for RMAF.  On the plane, I was recounting my experience with the Diablo 300 as compared to the Zena / Antileon EVO combo […]