Bruno Putsey’s Optional Built-in Phonostage for the Makua Preamp is in!

Bruno Putzey’s Mola-Mola hits another milestone!

The optional phonostage built-in add-on to the Makua Preamp is now shipping.

While the delivery of Mola-Mola’s phonostage essentially allows you to make adjustments through digital signals via an Android Tablet at your listening chair, these adjustments are implemented using relays, keeping the fragile phono signal in the analog domain, preserving the soul, warmth and musicality of your music.

If you have a bright record, you can tame it by adjusting the EQ and you will be able to hear what those adjustments sound like immediately.

The phonostage gives you the ability to hook up to five (5) turntables and adjust each cartridge independently. If the cartridge loading is incorrect, you may well lose out on that visceral attack and it is very obvious once you have arrived at the right setting. Specifications are below:

• Input noise (MC): 0.35 nV/rtHz
• Input noise (MM): 5 fA/rtHz
• Sensitivity: variable from 30 uV to 5 mV
• THD, IMD: not measurable
• RIAA conformance: +/-0.1 dB.

Available time constants
• t1: 200, 250, 318, 400, 450 us
• t2: 50, 64, 75, 100 us
• bass shelf: 14, 18, 20dB

This phonostage retails for $2,500 as an optional add-on to the Makua which retails for $13,450. A pair with its matching monoblock, the Kaluga, retails for $18,000.

Call us at 949-544-1990 for an audition and we will update you with release news on the next planned add-on, the optional PCM 32/384 and DSD DAC, which is expected by the end of this year … Stay tuned.

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