Merging 2-Channel NADAC catches the “attention” of Part-Time Audiophile’s Rafe Arnott

Merging Technology’s multi-channel NADAC has been causing a bit of a stir, and seemed to be a favorite of many at RMAF this year. And now the Merging 2-channel NADAC is getting some well-deserved praise from Rafe Arnott of Part-Time Audiophile. He wrote the article published earlier today on their website: “RMAF 2015: Merging Technologies and German Physiks gets my attention with digital.”

“It’s not too often that I will raise an unkempt eyebrow over a digital rig…The NADAC was doing something that I don’t hear very often, which was sound organic. The music was nothing special, just a mix of various jazz titles, all at different sample rates, but it had a very natural flow, with real texture and warmth to it.”

Read the full article here.

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by Philip O'Hanlon

Music Evangelist and Master of Musical Enjoyment—Philip spends his time looking for fine music, tuning up synergistic electronic components to get the best sound, and making music compilations so he can share his listening journey and experiences with friends and acquaintances.

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