Musical Highlights from RMAF 2015

Philip O'Hanlon RMAF musical highlights

We played a lot of music at RMAF. A big thank you to Lori Lieberman, Joe Cali and Dominque Brulhart for making multi-channel recordings from Lori’s upcoming album, Ready for the Storm available to us to showcase. The recordings were given to us by Joe as six individual WAV files and then Dominque (Merging Technologies) used Pyramix software (and some expertise) to mix the six channels into a single multi-channel file.

Musical highlights on the Multi-channel Merging NADAC running 4.0 with a phantom center channel:

Lori Lieberman - ready for the storm
“Piece of Me” in multichannel 24/96 from Lori Liebermann’s new album Ready For The Storm
Nickel Creek Sabra Girl on This Side Album
Nickel Creek’s “Sabra Girl” DSD
Beck Sea Change
Beck’s “The Golden Age” from Sea Change DSD

Musical highlights on the Mola Mola internal DAC (name TBA):

Suzanne Vega live at Montreaux
Suzanne Vega – “Small Sweet Thing” from Live At Montreux 24/48 (unreleased)
De Falla Three Cornered Hat
De Falla / Ansermet – Three Cornered Hat DSD file transferred from the 1” master tape by Paul Stubblebine using the Grimm AD1 (also designed by Bruno Putzeys in 2005)

Musical Highlights on the Luxman PD-171 turntable:

Gregory Porter Be Good
Gregory Porter “Painted On Canvas” from Be Good

Any favorites I didn’t mention?

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