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Part-Time Audiophile calls Vivid G3 a head-turner at RMAF 2016

Vivid G3 loudspeakers with Luxman components at RMAF 2016. Photo credit: John Stancavage, Part-Time Audiophile

John Stancavage of Part-Time Audiophile was pretty impressed by both the look and sound of the Vivid Giya G3 loudspeakers at this year’s RMAF: “Clapton’s heavily rearranged “Layla” from that night has been played to death, but on the G3 it seemed to be presented with a new energy. The sound, for a smaller speaker […]

Merging 2-Channel NADAC catches the “attention” of Part-Time Audiophile’s Rafe Arnott

Merging NADAC ST2

Merging Technology’s multi-channel NADAC has been causing a bit of a stir, and seemed to be a favorite of many at RMAF this year. And now the Merging 2-channel NADAC is getting some well-deserved praise from Rafe Arnott of Part-Time Audiophile. He wrote the article published earlier today on their website: “RMAF 2015: Merging Technologies […]