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Hi-Fi+ singles out Luxman / Eclipse RMAF room for “exceptional sound”

Eclipse / Luxman room at RMAF 2016. Photo credit: Alan Sircom / Hi-Fi+

Alan Sircom singled out the Luxman / Eclipse room at RMAF 2016 in Hi-Fi+: “Finally, there were three rooms that deserve to be singled out for making an exceptional sound. The first was the Luxman/Eclipse room, because once a day Philip O’Hanlon of distributor On a Higher Note played an hour’s worth of classic mono […]

Part-Time Audiophile calls Vivid G3 a head-turner at RMAF 2016

Vivid G3 loudspeakers with Luxman components at RMAF 2016. Photo credit: John Stancavage, Part-Time Audiophile

John Stancavage of Part-Time Audiophile was pretty impressed by both the look and sound of the Vivid Giya G3 loudspeakers at this year’s RMAF: “Clapton’s heavily rearranged “Layla” from that night has been played to death, but on the G3 it seemed to be presented with a new energy. The sound, for a smaller speaker […]

Enjoythemusic.com calls our RMAF 2016 system the “best orchestral reproduction at the show”

Philip O'Hanlon at RMAF 2016. photo credit enjoythemusic.com

Philip…started us off on Sunday with a Sibelius Piano Trio, the piano sound resonant, percussive, and rich in tone, beautiful. Then we listened to an unreleased rehearsal take of Ivan Fischer leading the Budapest Festival Orchestra playing Mahler’s Symphony No. 3, a simultaneous, alternate recording by Tom Caulfield only using five microphones, mixed down to […]

Philip’s Musings: Ultradisc One-Step – Santana Abraxas

Mobile Fidelity One-Step reissue of Santana’s Abraxas I have played a Test Pressing of this monumental album first at AXPONA and more recently at the Newport Show. I already own this seminal album on CD, SACD (both SONY & MFSL), the original UK pressing on vinyl, bought the German reissue about 15 to 20 years […]

Roon Enabled Merging+NADAC Player at RMAF 2016

A new generation of integrated audiophile server will be demonstrated by On a Higher Note Puidoux, Switzerland. September 2016: Merging Technologies will display a pre-production version of the Merging+NADAC Player at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. The result of a dynamic partnership with Roon Labs, On a Higher Note, Merging’s US distributor will be demonstrating […]

Musical Highlights from RMAF 2015

Philip O'Hanlon RMAF musical highlights

We played a lot of music at RMAF. A big thank you to Lori Lieberman, Joe Cali and Dominque Brulhart for making multi-channel recordings from Lori’s upcoming album, Ready for the Storm available to us to showcase. The recordings were given to us by Joe as six individual WAV files and then Dominque (Merging Technologies) […]

Hi-Fi+ includes Merging NADAC in list of “Two-Channel Audio Discoveries from RMAF 2015”

Merging NADAC

The Merging NADAC earned a mention by Chris Martens in the post-RMAF article he wrote this month for Hi-Fi+ called “33 Two-Channel Audio Discoveries from RMAF 2015.” “extremely COMPELLING listen…extraordinarily VIBRANT, LUCID, TRANSPARENT, highly THREE-DIMENSIONAL…a clock resolution of one nanosecond” Chris Martens, hi-fi+, October 2015 Read the full article at hi-fi+.