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Hi-Fi+ review calls Vivid Giya G4 loudspeaker “very best” space-conscious loudspeaker choice

Hi-Fi+ review of Vivid Audio Giya G4 loudspeaker

Jason Kennedy reviewed the smallest of the Vivid Giya series, the G4 in the November issue of Hi-Fi+. “Essentially Vivid has its own take on almost every aspect of loudspeaker design and technology; this makes construction expensive but results in loudspeakers that consistently have lower perceived distortion than most of the competition… It’s easy to […]

Hi-Fi+ singles out Luxman / Eclipse RMAF room for “exceptional sound”

Eclipse / Luxman room at RMAF 2016. Photo credit: Alan Sircom / Hi-Fi+

Alan Sircom singled out the Luxman / Eclipse room at RMAF 2016 in Hi-Fi+: “Finally, there were three rooms that deserve to be singled out for making an exceptional sound. The first was the Luxman/Eclipse room, because once a day Philip O’Hanlon of distributor On a Higher Note played an hour’s worth of classic mono […]

Hi-Fi+, Alan Sircom explains importance of equipment racks in Artesania Audio review

Hi-Fi+ review of Artesania Audio equipment racks

This Hi-Fi+ review of Artesania Audio’s equipment racks by Alan Sircom is a couple years old, but is an excellent introduction to using equipment racks to upgrade the sound of even the best systems. Sircom writes about how using the Artesania racks improved the sound: “Music sounded bigger, better recorded, you could hear more into […]

Hi-Fi+ includes Merging NADAC in list of “Two-Channel Audio Discoveries from RMAF 2015”

Merging NADAC

The Merging NADAC earned a mention by Chris Martens in the post-RMAF article he wrote this month for Hi-Fi+ called “33 Two-Channel Audio Discoveries from RMAF 2015.” “extremely COMPELLING listen…extraordinarily VIBRANT, LUCID, TRANSPARENT, highly THREE-DIMENSIONAL…a clock resolution of one nanosecond” Chris Martens, hi-fi+, October 2015 Read the full article at hi-fi+.