Palladino, Notes with Attachments, music notes from Philip O’Hanlon

Palladino is a London-based session musician who has spent forty years of touring and/or recording with high-end rock, funk and jazz artists, including The Who, Keith Richards, Erykah Badu, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck,  Elton John, John Mayer and Herbie Hancock. Notes with Attachments is a voyage of discovery that keeps on giving with repeated listening. […]

Westside Story 2021 – Philip’s Music Notes

This is truly a stellar recording with reference quality, available on CD, LP, and streaming.  Even if you don’t normally like musicals, this is a must-buy.  We have been using side 1 of the LP set for evaluating equipment, as well as speaker placement. Paul Seydor from TAS has a distinct passion for this musical to […]

Karen Souza – Hotel Souza

Join Karen at her warm & inviting Hotel Souza.  Let your eyes linger on the sexy and sultry blonde but watch out for her warm and captivating voice with crystal clear diction and precise phrasing with a wonderful nuance and intonation in her delivery, certainly enough to capture your heart. Karen Souza co-authored Eight of […]

Double delight: 2022 Golden Ear Awards go to both Graham Audio LS8/1 and LS5/5 monitors

“If I were absolutely forced to choose one loudspeaker for the rest of my life, the LS8/1 would be on the short list,” Paul Seydor TAS 9/22. Read Paul Seydor’s review for LS8/1 >>> HERE >>>   “What I can say for now is that I consider it [the LS5/5] the finest three-way cone-based loudspeaker in […]

UPDATED: Midrange Magic+ Music Seminars aggregated Playlist updated

We try to keep our Midrange Magic+ playlist fresh.  We also attempt to incorporate local taste, new music, newly re-released albums, and new gems we come across in our travels for each music seminar to share with each local audience when we bring the Midrange Magic+ Music Seminar across North America.  Bookmark this page as […]

The Best High-End Audio Setups for the Most Discerning Music Lovers, Whether you’re a purist, maximalist or historicist, we’ve got you covered, by Robert Ross, the Robb Report, October 2022

Listening to great music on a superior sound system is one of life’s sublime pleasures … most serious music listeners prefer a stereophonic setup with left and right speakers to replicate the experience of hearing real performers in a real venue … We’ve assembled three component groupings to appeal to three very different types of audiophiles. […]

The Key to Live-Quality Audio Is Midrange Magic and here are the Brands that Deliver It, by Robert Ross, The Robb Report, Oct 2022

While it’s impossible to stuff Carnegie Hall into a living room, a good stereo system is like opening a window to a convincing sonic landscape that stirs the listener’s soul. But creating an accurate simulacrum of live music in one’s home is an elusive task, with as many opinions as to what constitutes great sound […]

Louis Armstrong: Black & Blues – Review by Philip O’Hanlon

“Satchmo” This documentary shows the rarely seen personal side of Louis Armstrong, nicknamed, Satchmo.  It was short for ‘satchel mouth’ because he had a very large mouth). Written up for decades as “the greatest jazz trumpeter in the world”, his legacy is a wealth of terrific jazz performances, as well as songs that are full […]

Midrange Magic: What the Press has to say (UPDATED)

The Key to Live-Quality Audio Is Midrange Magic. Here Are the Brands That Deliver It.  These manufacturers get critical frequencies right and everything else falls into place,  by Robert Ross, the Robb Report, October 2022    While it’s impossible to stuff Carnegie Hall into a living room, a good stereo system is like opening a window to […]