Highlights of Music Seminar with Paul Blizel (Analog Audio of Minnesota 2013)

  Music Seminar Debut Luxman DA-06 DAC in Maple Grove, MN February 23, 2013 “…veritable wizard when it comes to finding quintessential recordings. These recordings aren’t the low hanging musical fruit, but boy do they seem ripe enough for free fall when you play them…’Philip always plays the best music,’ is how you were first described […]

Peter Roth of Ultra Audio SoundStage Reviewed Vivid G3 Giya

We are delighted to share with you the first English language review of the G3 Giya in SoundStage by Peter Roth (who bought the review sample) Conclusions: Rich, vibrant, exciting, engaging, and sustaining, this smallest Giya from Vivid Audio realizes the aspiration of its designer to create a precise transducer whose reproduction of music does […]

Luxman L-505uX, L-505u Showdown

LUXMAN L-505u versus L-505uX Tonally both amplifiers were voiced the same by Hashimoto-san at Luxman, Yokohama. Sonically: The L-505uX is quieter, more liquid mid-range and a more three dimensional soundstage is thrown. The new model is a little more refined, a little more detailed and even nicer to use than before.

Tri-Planar User Review

When asked, “How does the 12″ Tri-Planar tonearm perform compared to the venerable 9″ MK VII /U2?”, one user has the following feedback: Soundstage does not shimmer, but is rock solid, the same as if you were to listen to the master tape.  Gimbal structure is stronger; blacker, with a quieter background.  Same effective mass […]

Forward Looking: CES 2013 … it is still going on for us

  Best part of CES 2013: Show Report and Highlights Alas Best parts of CES 2013 were the people we met, the music we shared, the laughs we had and the conversations we held.  From that standpoint, it feels like CES has not stopped for us as our musical sojourn post Las Vegas continues, bringing me […]

Highlights and Music Played in our February 2013 Music Demo at Music Lovers’ Audio in San Francisco

Luxman Debuts its DSD DAC at Music Lovers Audio during Music Demo on February 9, 2013 in San Francisco We kicked off our 2013 public Music Seminars in San Francisco last weekend at a dealer’s store (Music Lovers), demonstrated with a prototype LUXMAN DA-06 DAC and high rez PCM & DSD vinyl drops versus the original records played on a Brinkmann […]

I Saw the Future of SACD at CES – it’s DSD files !

Luxman DA-06 DAC

I started buying SACDs shortly after their introduction in 1999 and recently discovered as we started transcribing the discs to digital music files (with a SONY Playstation 3) that I had accumulated over 1200 albums in the intervening twelve years. We started the tedious process of ripping the discs to an ISO file, then to […]

Mola Mola Debut at CES 2013 – Mirage D36 today through Friday

Mola-Mola's Makua, the Preamplifier and Kaluga, the Amplifier

We have Mola Mola on active display over at the Mirage penthouse #D36 during CES driving Vivid G3 Giyas. They are also on passive display at the Venetian in 30-216.  You really need to stop by to hear these revolutionary new products. Class D has never been this good. Come to think of it, neither has class A.

Kicking off CES 2013 with Nostalgia.. Highlights of Best Personal Musical Finds from 2012

Like many of my colleagues and friends in the industry, I have always started the New Year officially at CES in Las Vegas during the last decade and I look forward to seeing everyone this week.   As I get ready to open up the show today, I am getting a little nostalgic and am posting […]