Tweekgeek at RMAF 2012

By Stephen Mejias • Posted: Oct 17, 2012 The people from TweekGeek (“Funny Name, Serious Audio”) have a great thing going. They’re starting the Knights of the Listening Room, “a group of friends where audiophiles can share their audio systems…” Knights of the Listening Room is a group of friends where audiophiles can share their […]

Stereophile Review Of Vivid K1

By John Marks • Posted: Oct 10, 2012 I’ve had Vivid Audio’s Oval K1 loudspeaker here for several months. Over many years, the only other speaker brands I’ve written about as much as I have Vivid have been Wilson Benesch and Shahinian Acoustics, whose speakers I still revere and can recommend without reservation—to the right […]

Luxman’s U-100R

Many audiophiles have a DAC in their system, that predates streaming music over a USB cable from their computer. I asked Luxman to develop the U-100R, it allows one to stream music from your notebook / computer either into a DAC or else into the digital input on Luxman’s own line of CD/SACD players, such […]

NY Audio Show

By Art Dudley • Posted: Apr 16, 2012 Doors to Perfection Some of the nicest analog playback I heard at the show came courtesy of GTT Audio, in whose suite the reliably well-dressed Philip O’Hanlon spun vinyl on a Brinkmann Balance turntable ($24,000, closest to camera) with Brinkmann 12.1 tonearm ($7500) and an Air Tight […]