Luxman’s PD-171

Luxman’s first turntable in 28 years offers classic looks and timeless performance. The Luxman PD-171 is the powerful heart of any analog playback system. Its high output power supply, coupled to the 32 bit processor for speed control offers impressive dynamics and resolution. A high torque synchronous AC motor drives a high inertia platter via […]

Brinkmann RoNT II

Here is probably one of the strangest upgrades you have read about in an age. Michael Fremer wrote his CES 2012 Coverage in The April issue of Stereophile: “Brinkmann showed a prototype tubed power supply for its direct drive turntables. A tubed power supply for a motor? Ridiculous, right? Well, all who thought so changed […]

SoundStage and Stereophile – Best of CES 2012

One Wrong, Two Rights, and the Best Sound at CES 2012 By Doug Schneider Doug Schneider, editor of SoundStage wrote: “I preferred the Vivid room, for two reasons. First, the Giya G3 sounded unbelievably lively yet natural, projecting sound from its unique enclosure in a transparent, viscerally thrilling way unlike that of any speaker I’ve […]

Luxman’s L550Ax

Luxman L-550AX front view

We had terrific success with the L-550A II  when we started importing Luxman in 2007; many audiophiles & music lovers loved its combination of state of the art technology, such as ODNF, which eliminates noise & distortion without screwing up the sound quality.  It won many Golden Ear awards from The Absolute Sound and even […]