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Philip Guttentag CEO of Vivid Audio on B1 Decade (my-highend.com)

Taiwan Press my-hiend.com published an interview with CEO of Vivid Audio, Philip Guttentag regarding the launch of B1D (B1 Decade) 10th anniversary celebration limited edition loudspeakers with detailed presentation of why these loudspeakers are so special! Read More (chinese press but use Google for translation) Download our Google translated PDF file here.

Impromptu Vivid Audio B1 Decade Listening Session pre Christmas, next stop, CES 2016!

Christmas at San Francisco's Union Square

What started off as a quick trip to Music Lovers Audio to collect a precious cargo, the Vivid Audio B1 Decade, turned out to be a blast from many standpoints.  We had the debut event a couple weeks prior in Berkeley, California (show report to be issued next week) and we needed to collect the loudspeakers […]