Gryphon Audio built-in DAC in Scorpio S vs optional DAC module for Diablo 120

With the plethora of both standalone and built-in DAC’s into different electronics, we get asked the question of which “DAC is better” a lot.  We also observed many discussions about how one could use a DAC to double up as a digital preamplifier to drive their amps, a topic we do have lots to say […]

Method of Madness – a brief introduction

  Irish Distillers have many long-established brands, such as Jameson, Redbreast, Powers, Midleton Very Rare, and the Spot range, so while these are fabulous brands that can be carefully refined and are allowed to evolve organically, they do not leave much room for experimentation. Method and Madness is a new experimental range of Irish whiskeys (and a […]

Press Release: Gryphon Audio Designs World Premiere of the new Vanta Series Cables

The Gryphon Vanta Gryphon Audio Designs proudly announces the release of a whole new series of cables. It is the very top of the line from Gryphon and it is a new evolutionary step in Gryphon Cable Production. The VANTA Series will offer Speaker Cables, Interconnects, Power Cords and finally Digital Cables as well. The […]

April 2020 Audiotechnique Ethos CD Player Review

“Artwork-like design.” The shape of Ethos is a 480mm equilateral triangle, the top layer is a whole piece of silver-white brushed aluminum alloy with a thickness of 10mm, followed by a bright black acryl 40mm thick, so the silver/black color combination is really eye-catching. , Plus a solid aluminum alloy boom mounted behind the top […]

SoundStage Australia Review: Gryphon Audio Designs Ethos CD Player/DAC

“O…M…G!”   “It’s by quite the margin, the best digital playback I’ve heard in my system – and I’ve heard a whole bunch of them, some at similar price points.”   “It may be trivial, but this is the acronym I’m left with after joyfully living with the Gryphon Audio Designs Ethos for several weeks […]