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How to install Artesania racks

How to install Artesania racks

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What is the difference between the Artesania Prestige and Exoteryc racks?

I been looking through the spec of the racks to determine the differences between the Prestige and Exoteryc. The significant difference seem to be the stabilizer bar. Is there anything else that separates the two that adds significant value?

Differences between the Prestige & Exoteryc racks:

1. Exoteryc has more weight, lower noise floor.
2. 78% larger construction 3 shelf rack: Prestige 45mm diameter, 62 lb versus Exoteryc 60mm, 110 lb
3. Heavier Dampener for each rack shelf: Standard 3lb versus Improved 5.3lb
4. Decoupling Discs Prestige 3” versus Exoteryc 4”
5. Only the Exoteryc has four stabilizer bars located in the internal structure, they stop the tiniest pendular movement of the internal structure.