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There seems to be two versions of VOTU released 2022 and 2023 (both lineage from the SYSTEM3D installed in the Royal Opera House) but what is the difference between the VOTU MIRAMA released 2023 sold in the U.S. and the rest of the world vs the VOTU MAX released 2022 sold in China?

The VOTU (Voice of the Universe) MAX & MIRAMA (short form for MId RAnge MAgic) are quite different.

The MIRAMA come with grills (choice of Beige and Black) whereas it is literally impossible to put grills on the MAX due to the external spiders on the woofer baskets.

Both cabinets are ported on the MAX whereas only the lower cabinet is ported on the MIRAMA.

The MAX has a 3” woofer for the upper midrange and a dome tweeter. The MIRAMA has a large, high powered Aurum cantus G3 ribbon tweeter located below the 7” woofer for the upper midrange. There is a bracket & calibrated micrometer for angling the upper cabinet down to the listening chair.

Utility for the MIRAMA is a little different. The MIRAMA is 90dB efficient and could be placed 60cm in front of the front wall. Depending on the music genre, female vocal in an acoustic or jazz setting, would only need 40 W RMA. To play rock music at a realistic and live setting, we believe that number would probably be closer to 1000W RMS in a large room.