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How to reinstall a dust cap on a Vivid woofer (C125 driver)

How do I reinstall the dust cap on a woofer (C125 driver)?

Instructions from Vivid creator Laurence Dickie:

"Is the dust cap in good condition? The first line of attack would be to stick it back but you'll need a steady hand to apply the glue! Put the speaker on its back so the driver is facing upwards dead level. Replace the cap in the same place so that any remaining glue fragments key together. Place a circular weight of some sort on the dust cap to hold it in place: you could use a plastic lid from a drink bottle and put a small weight on it say, one or two ounces. Then run a thin fillet of super glue round the join making sure it's all the way round. If you have a fan, keep a gentle breeze going across. This will help prevent a white bloom appearing on the cone. Don't rush to move it. Leave it a couple of hours to be sure it's set."